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Maximum Level PC Management

The general population no longer needs to settle for less


Empowering PCs for all

01. Fast & Agile

With industry leading computer scan times, you will be using one of the most efficient tools on the market today. Get to your best PC in quickest way possible. We understand you have things to do; we value your time.

02. Cost-Effective

Get your hands on industry leading software at a price that makes sense. While others will charge you monthly for their software, we will charge you one time and you will keep our software - for life!

03. Tangible results

See the issues that are detected in simple language- we're not all computer technicians! Your "before and after" results are specific to your computer's state and these results are displayed in a clear graphical form


Understand Your

Extending your PCs life is the best way to keep dollars in your pocket. PC makers rely on people not maintaining their computers to get you spending your hard earned money on a new machine when you don't really need one


How do I do it?


The interface is simple. Click the scan button and it will scan the computer for junk files, unwanted programs, broken system files and needless browser extensions. The results will be shown once the scan is complete


Click the Fix button and technology goes to work. It will delete unwanted applications, remove programs that slow the boot time of your pc, delete old unused files that are clogging your machine

Relax and Enjoy

Your PC will be faster. Your boot time will be faster. You'll have more free memory. Surfing the internet is faster. Your PC will feel brand new and a fraction of the cost of paying a technician or buying a new PC 


It's all in the data

"Results Matter"

-Team Mantra

Our team is all about results. What we can't measure doens't exist. Our obessive nature has us testing dozens of PCs every single week and measuring how we perform. This is our secret sauce- test, learn, improve, test, learn, improve...

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